Steve Forbes,
Chairman and Editor-in-Chief of Forbes Media

Bernie Marcus,
Co-Founder of The Home Depot

Susie and Jack Welch,
Retired Chairman & CEO of General Electric

In January 2002, Legends of Success radio program began sharing John Resnick’s interviews with American business icons, CEOs, and Forbes 400 members. “Legends” was inspired by the incredible success stories John and Billie Resnick heard from their estate planning and life insurance clients.

Today, Legends of Success is syndicated on 80 radio stations across America, and has reached millions of homes through Cable Radio Network. John’s guests include more Forbes 400 members than any other radio show in U.S. history.

We are honored by the many lives we’ve impacted and grateful to those who contacted us and we inspired to create their own entrepreneurship shows and conferences in Philadelphia, PA, Naples, FL, and Los Angeles, CA.

John Paul DeJoria,
Co-Founder of John Paul Mitchell Systems
and Patron Spirits Co.

William Lauder,
Chairman of Estee Lauder Companies

William Randolph Hearst, III;
Chairman of Hearst Companies