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We build relationships and protect our clients. That’s what we do and nothing is more Important. Please take a moment to hear what a few of our clients have to say.

Client Quotes

Built $5 Billion in Real Estate From
$500,000 Loan

• Eight family members and two generations are clients
• Introduced 12 friends and business partners, now clients
• Working together for close to 20 years

Owner/One of the World’s Largest Sports
Products Manufacturers

• Provided twice the guaranteed coverage for same premium
• Provided life insurance that paid parents' estate taxes and preserved family business
• Three generations of family as clients

CEO/Owner of National Beverage Distributor

• Provided life insurance to assure fair treatment of blended family
• Premium payable 10 years only – coverage guaranteed for life
• Eliminated tax exposure of life insurance portfolio

$170 Million Contractor with 360 Employees

• Old premiums payable for life – new policies payable 10 years only
• Reduced annual premiums by $100,000 per year – same guaranteed coverage for life
• Reinvested $1 million in business with difference from reduced premiums

Estate Planning Attorney

• Practicing in NY and FL for 40 years
• Advisor to affluent families and business owners
• Referring us clients for 10 years

Partner of International CPA Firm

• Practicing for 30 years
• Advisor to family business owners and corporate executives
• Referring us clients for 15 years

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