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The Resnick Group is a leading independent firm that provides comprehensive life insurance guidance to affluent families and executives to preserve their assets. Our clients include some of America’s wealthiest families, privately-held business owners, corporate executives, entertainers, and major sports figures. We have a long history of close relationships with attorneys, family offices, trust companies, CPAs, and other professionals in assisting their clients. Our teamwork strengthens the relationship between advisors and their clients.

The Resnick Group is also recognized for their highly effective “Life Insurance Policy Tracking and Management System”, a critical tool to assist family offices and trustees. The system helps manage and keep life insurance policies “on track” and helps to avoid unintended policy lapses. This invaluable management tool was a catalyst for The American Bar Association’s national reference book, “Due Diligence of Trust Owned Life Insurance”, now used by over 70 law schools in the U.S. Billie Resnick and John Resnick are co-authors.

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    Our Focus

    Our singular focus is to serve our affluent clientele with the finest life insurance strategies available anywhere. With over 25 years of experience, we have differentiated ourselves…

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    Meet Our Clients

    Clients share how our guidance and expertise made a significant difference in their lives.

Billie Resnick and John Resnick Authors:

The American Bar Association – National Book Release 2018

“Due Diligence of Trust Owned Life Insurance”
By:  Lawrence Brody, Billie D. Resnick, John Resnick, and Richard Weber

A national guide for estate planning attorneys, family offices, and professional advisors


“This book is path breaking. It explains life insurance policy provisions and details in an understandable fashion…
It is a must read and a valuable reference guide for any attorney whose practice intersects with life insurance.”

–Kent Smetters, Boettner Chair Professor
The Wharton School at The University of Pennsylvania


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John & Billie Resnick and Tom Monaghan co-host Steve Forbes Event in March 2, 2019 in Naples, Florida

John and Billie Resnick Help Organize The Wharton School Entrepreneurship Conference with Steve Forbes and Jon Huntsman

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